Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Three Good Ludum Dare 27 Games

Ludum Dare is a 48-hour game making competition. This year, the theme is '10 seconds.' I decided to poke around today and see what I could find. These aren't by any means "the best" out there, I just picked a few and tried them out, and these are three that stood out to me tonight.

Breakfast of Champignons. 

Great title, made by Ravenous Games - who are now known as the 'dudes that made League of Evil,' I really liked the original League of Evil and I liked Infestor - both have great pixel graphics. They also published and ported Burrito Bison - which I played alot, from Juicy Beast - the guys behind Knightmare Tower! Anyways, enough background, in this game you have 10 seconds to serve up a good breakfast for your eager and impatient customers. Instead of resource management, its time management and you will have to do your best to get as much on the plate, properly cooked and all at the same time (so the plate is warm, as shown by the bar at the bottom). It's a nice little mechanic and would actually fit really nicely on the iphone. I think it would be really fun to see it a little more polished called "Gordon Ramsey's Breakfast of Champignons" - with a nice pixely version of Ramsey at the beginning that barks at you à la Chuck Yeagers Air Combat (if you don't know what I'm talking about, do yourself a favour and youtube that.)
You can play it here.

Deadly Sunrise
This little platformer by jayhC, puts you in control of a little vampire who loses HP in the form of blood droplets as you run through the map (he can only survive out there for '10 seconds').  Only in the shade can you recuperate, but you don't have long because sunrise is coming and no shade can save you from that. Plus you have to avoid obstacles and a lot of silver spikes. It's pretty hard, especially with the keyboard controls but I like the concept, with a little bit of work and polish this could be a really nice game.
You can play it here.

This playful digital version of shuffleboard is surprisingly satisfying. Here the theme of '10 seconds' has been used in the amount of time you have to plan your move. Although the learning curve is a little steep and you don't progress as quickly as many of us are accustomed to in our physics puzzlers nowadays, this one you could easily see being translated perfectly to touch controls on the ipad. Do you hear me rincewind_cz : This would be good on the ipad! Find a good publisher!
You can play it here

Other Ludum Dare games, and there are many, you can find here.

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