Thursday, August 29, 2013

Knightmare Tower (Ouya/iOS/Android)

The first thing that I played on my Ouya was Knightmare Tower. I had already played Burrito Bison on my iphone and found it funny and challenging and hard to put down. I played the free version for a few hours and already had upgraded my knight and rocket as far as they could go - then I decided I was having lots of fun and bought it. Thank you Juicy Beast.

The first couple blast-offs are short lived, but slowly you accumulate enough gold to make some serious upgades to your knight, which leads to longer flight time, which leads to more money which leads to more upgrades...(and repeat). Oh and there are a bunch of Princesses to save, not just one. Each Princess that you save will give you a chance to get an item during a run, nice little bonus. There are also potions that you can upgrade with gold and challenges that you can skip with gold (thanks for that by the way, that made the game much more enjoyable - no sarcasm). It still feels a lot like a mobile port, which I am sure it is, although the iOS version came out later and a two player mode would have really made it a substantial game, but nothing beats being completely in the zone and just smashing and slashing enemies in half or popping bubbles filled with gold and hearts - it just feels very "classic" somehow.

I love colourful games right now. The simplicity of the concept really sucks you in, the art-style is typical of Juicy Beast : great. I also really enjoy reliving that feeling that my first Nintendo games gave me, I don't really understand how to explain that, maybe it's an obsessive drive of sorts, but this game seemed to give me that feeling. It could almost be a Mario game, he would just be jumping on flying Goombas & Koopas and he would make that funny spread eagle death jump when he hits the lava....yeah it would totally work. I'm loving Knightmare Tower.

ps. I have read that it's perfect on the iPhone. If you've got it let me know.

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