Friday, August 30, 2013

Mutant Mudds (iOS/3DS)

It's Mutant Mudds of Nintendo 3DS fame! I was really excited to play this, having heard about it on the 3DS. It would finally be a full fledged platformer on iOS, not just some platformer that breaks the action after every level to make you spend coins, or gems, show you a bunch of commercials, before allowing you to play the next short level.

But somehow the mechanic of jumping into the background, then back into the foreground and back and forth just wasn't enough to hold my attention. Maybe you need to see it in 3D, maybe it was because I recently played FEZ (which I loved) and it just seemed flat in comparison, maybe you have to be able to play on a screen where you aren't covering a quarter of it with your thumbs... either way with a tear in my eye: deleted.

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