Thursday, July 4, 2013

Spell Sword (iOS)

I started this game once and didn't get it. I thought it was a side-scrolling platformer, I loved the art style and wanted to play but I was too confused...then I tried it again the other day and loved it. Maybe there was an update inbetween or something - or maybe my brain got an update. Whatever. You're this guy with a magic sword that battles waves and waves of enemies. Think Halo-Firefight but mixed with Super Smash Bros. The magic of your sword is activated by cards you have to collect on the map. This keeps you from camping in one spot. There are different maps to play on, but I think only 4? You gather rupees and spend them to upgrade the potency and duration of the magic, and your equipment (hat, ring, necklace) - the controls are great, attack and double jump. It doesnt get more complicated then that - but you can go to options and controls to move the buttons around - and their sizes to customize your controller experience. There's an IAP but it's quite playable without it. This is a keeper. Get it.

ps. I want this on my OUYA.....PLEEEASSSEEEE (with local multiplayer, online-multiplayer /ghostruns, item trading & 2 more levels......thanks.)

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