Thursday, July 18, 2013

AltecApollyon: This Week's Gaming

Been playing alot of this and that this week, since I will only be working part time over the summer. On the iphone 'Pocket RPG' has provided that action-on-the-go kick, along with 'Carcassonne,' alot of it - and that satisfies my gaming-with-friends cravings.

A friend loaned me Max Payne 3 this week, and I've played the first five or so chapters, it's on the Xbox 360 and I can't remember what single-player game I played last on that console (*sob*)

Other than that, I've poked around in 'Poker Night 2' from Telltale Games, which I completely suck at but somehow keep playing, a few hours into a strange indie game 'Capsule' and have now sunk over 10 hours into 'XCOM: Enemy Unknown.'

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