Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Monotaur is easy to explain - using tilt-controls gobble up the dots to get a highscore, when your little monotaur is black he can eat black dots and (after a quick tap) he changes to white and then you can eat white dots, but touch a dot while dressed in the wrong colour and FATALITY! Got it? It's like so many other games using the colour-mechanic of Ikaruga.

It's free and it's 8 MB so it's a definite keeper for me. 

It's a pretty good mechanic that keeps gameplay simple and yet rewarding. It's not quite Super Hexagon, but I would really like to see this game on the big screen. Actually, I am playing it at the moment on my iphone now and again, but I think I'll put it on my ipad, it seems better suited.

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