Thursday, March 27, 2014

Couch Gaming Night!

Last night I finally got three friends over for some local multiplayer fun. The idea was just to play some games, battle for highscores and play a competitive game of some type - especially something that we all learn together so that no one person is too good.

First up was Luftrausers, which wasn't really on my list of games to play that night but since we were waiting for player 4 to show up I popped it on to show the boys. It is my newest game after all. Soon we were all into it, trying different builds and vying for a highscore. Soon my previous highscore was beat and we finally got to see the feared (with good reason) blimp. I did finally get my highscore back before we switched to...

Zombie Estate II! I think that this game was a at first a hard sell but since two of us has played the first Zombie Estate and really loved it the others just had to trust us. They were glad they did: bots, turrets, bubble guns, laser shotguns, swords, this co-op defender is the best thing on Xbox Live for a buck! I am sure we will play it again because of all the upgrades in game (and now 4 levels!). We first put the game on HARD and got totally destroyed, it was much more difficult than the first game. Then we went back and played it on casual with hats this time and made it much further. After battling our way deep into the game, there were a few yawns (not because of the game, but because we are all adults that lead busy tiring lives....) but we still had to play....

Samurai Gunn! We had only a few rounds of 4-player before the other two players yielded and retreated home but they were hilarious. Afterwards myself and player 2 dove into the survival mode and found it quite the challenge and then we went back to versus mode for some 1 v. 1 showdown action. To wind down we checked out Hammerwatch quickly at the end, I think that might be something we will have to take on another night.

A night like this with some food and beers and friends crammed in front of a TV brings back all the feelings of how things were before online gaming the yelling and trash talk and the energy right in front of the television instead of over a headset or a leaderboard. I can't wait to do it again (I've aleady got the next line-up planned).

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  1. Nice. I love Zombie Estate II, it's our go to fun game here too. Hammerwatch I have played a bit, thinking it might be best to wait until I get a controller so Sara and I can play without having to cram our selves onto one keyboard.