Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bullet Soul Hacker (Freeware) & Limbs Repair Station (Browser)

Another night, another two games from the Cyberpunk Jam. This time 'Bullet Soul Hacker' and  'Limbs Repair Station' - the latter a game, at least in gameplay, that resembles 'Papers, Please' though it seems (unfortunately) to lack any politics or story. But we are talking about Jam games here, so we shouldn't be too picky, and it's pretty darn good actually and nails the cyberpunk theme.

Being a big fan of Papers, Please - I played Limbs Repair Station for a while. I could imagine this being fleshed out and being more of a game. Although I dont know what Lucas Pope would have to say about the whole thing.

And then there was Bullet Soul Hacker....

Starts out as a real good looking game - cyberpunk (check) moody film noir overtones (check) .... scanlines (check) narrator musing about other peoples memories and other peoples bodies etc....good stuff.

Still looks really good.... 

But the colour scheme totally changes, and there are all these bars and numbers, and you don't have time to really understand whats going on....

And as you shoot people you take over their bodies, which I am guessing is a good thing - it gives you their weapons and then you look for the next one to shoot....but honestly I didn't play that much. Firstly because I found the colours and design after the beginning just unappealing (sorry) and secondly because when you lose there is a really long cutscene that comes before you can start again. Too bad. I doubt that I will go back to this one, but I really liked the idea.

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