Friday, September 26, 2014

Haunt the House : Terrortown (PC)

Haunt the House : Terrortown is a excellent looking little spook-em-up; you fly around as a little ghost and posess different objects inside different venues to scare the people inside. The more "scared" the occupants of those venues are the more ways that are unlocked to scare them.

You can haunt every bit of furniture  - time it right to create the most fear. Soon you'll have people running for their lives! Come to think of it maybe the game should have ended with the Ghostbusters coming in and putting an end to your spooking - it does kinda lack a real ending.

Finding and going though all the different actions is a real treat some of them are really creative. Just check out these colours! I love it.

This is another game that I have been playing while my kids were watching. I figure there isn't really anything that bad - except for the few "ghosts" that you need to collect by....erm, making people into ghosts, but that's all done in a very cute way and not at all scary.

I'd really like to see an iPad version of this game, I think it would fit really well.

It fit us perfectly, but I dont really know if I will play it again, it doesn't seem to have a lot of replay value.

It's a great looking game, though a little short and if you are looking for something to explore - or something to give to a younger gamer - this is it.

Official Webpage here.

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