Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Shadowrun Returns (PC)

I remember first hearing about Shadowrun Returns during their Kickstarter campaign almost 2 years ago. It's been on my Steam wishlist forever and I thought it was to simply become one of those games that I wish I had time for but would never have time to play. When I saw that it was on sale on this weekend I waited for a few days to think about if I would ever play it and then finally decided that (and this is my new rule for games) if I can get 1 hour for every buck I spend on this game then I have spent good money - I don't have to finish every game (although it would be nice) that I buy and I am very sure that I am getting my money worth with Shadowrun Returns.

I only played it for 23 minutes but from what I can gather it looks a lot like a mix of good old RPG's like Baldur's Gate mixed with the action and fighting of XCom Enemy Within in a Cyberpunk-Fantasy world inhabited by shotgun wielding trolls, dwarven deckers and even dragons. Along with all the modding with Steam Workshop there are loads of other fan made campaigns to try out as well!

The colour schemes and all the menus and the writing all seem to be really good, the game is well polished. I hope to return to this one, perhaps when the pressures of Neptunes Pride 2 have subsided. 

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