Friday, November 15, 2013

Shelter (PC)

Shelter provided a welcome (albeit short) distraction tonight. 

After watching the first trailer I almost pre-ordered. But held back because of Might & Delight's other game 'Pid' (which was also beautiful, but sadly shallow and a little dull gameplay-wise)

The chance to play a parental badger protecting and leading it's cubs got me so excited I jotted down notes for a few different "animal simulation" games.

The endearing graphics use patterns to give the whole world a quilted look - but somehow the paleness of the colours put me off a little; as if I was looking through a grey veil.

The gameplay isn't much to brag about - it's not the simulation game that the trailer made me think it was, but it was a memorable little game, with great music and art - and a somber finale. I'm not even bothered by the shortness of it: better short and sweet than long and tedious.

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