Sunday, November 17, 2013


So I've been a bad blogger as of late.

Here I was, blabbing away at how awesome my MAME cabinet was going to be, and how nostalgia would blah blah blah... then, BAM!  No more posts.

Well, lots has been going on.  My wife and I recently celebrated the arrival of our firstborn, JonnyNostalgia Jr.  Needless to say this has been keeping us more than busy.

In what little free time I've had I've been trying to take advantage of the Terraria 1.2 patch.  It's hard to get anything done when you're only playing in 15 minute stretches, but I have to say, this new patch breathed a whole lot of awesome new life into an already amazing game.

As for the MAME side of things, I have been doing more plotting and research than anything else.  I did however just order my control panel bits and pieces and I'm hoping to be able to build a mock-up control panel for use in my house.  As I'm writing this I'm installing the GameEx frontend.  I want to see how it stacks up versus HyperSpin.  Although I have HyperSpin working, I'm still kind of resentful at how steep of a learning curve there was in figuring it out at first.  You can only read, 'Check the forums' so many times before you start to get annoyed at a community.  Anyhow, I'll elaborate on that further at a later date so I can actually go in to detail.

As always, stay tuned for more as there will be more... at some point.

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