Thursday, October 17, 2013

Derez Infinite (Browser)

Derez Infinite is a trippy endless runner with cool backgrounds and no screen shake and a slick neon colour scheme. Maybe it's just another Canabalt clone, except it's got a game-changing mechanic: it's  DownRez and Uprez effect. Every time you hit a little white arrow you "gain resolution" and your screen looks like above. If you hit a black bat like creature your resolution goes down and you see something like the screenshot below.

I'm so into this game that I actually signed up for Gamejolt and went through the whole process of getting my avatar setup - now I'm 2nd on the leaderboard (only behind the developer himself).

When your REZ gets too low it suddenly gets really hard to see what you are doing.

Die and theres a very scary windows error noise followed by a faux-blue screen. That sound makes me jump every time. It's pretty much the scariest sound in the computing world if you ask me.

It's got different colour schemes and different difficulty levels.

There is even a little intro, very cyberpunky-80s scifi I liked it alot.

In conclusion Derez Infinite does so much right : soundtrack, intro, colours, mechanic, simplicity - I really wish I could play it on my iphone, or on my ouya. It fits perfectly into my gaming habits as a busy father - quick rounds and highscores, next to no loading time and no violence so I can play it around the kids. Go play it now and beat my highscore!

Play it now, play it here.

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