Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Apotheon (PC)

Apotheon was released today. I have had this one on my radar for about 2 years. Tonight I finally got to play and despite being in the middle of packing to move to a new apartment and quite busy with work - and already playing about 8 other games....I just had to make time for this. Check it out :

Already this striking menu is perfect - even though I was dying to play I sat and listened to the music until it looped at least twice.

"Die raider scum!" - Nikandreos.....apparently.

Some nice light effects and some tricky play; while holding the torch you 'pocket' your shield....

A glimpse of the local map.

Using different weapons and different strikes is important to kill enemies who wield different weapons and shields. Fun!

"Oh Zeus! Why?! My favourite brothel is aflame! No!!!" - Nikandreos (now equipping a skull splitting axe!) 

Here's a shot of the inventory. This is going to really fill out I take it in later levels. For now it's sparse but still seems like a lot for the first level. I hope they can keep up this diversity.

The world map : Awesomeness! (new background on my laptop!)

Looks like crafting is going to be a thing in this game too.....are there games WITHOUT crafting anymore?

Now toting a spear! I could have taken 100 screenshots of this first level I loved every bit.

I hope there are actual "secrets" that you need to find with your torch and throwing weapons. Oh, I forgot to mention throwing weapons? There are those.

Looks like we are going to get a little history lesson along the way too : excellent.

Just check it out, I haven't loved the visuals this much in a platformer since Guacamelee!

Shield block! Although I found the fighting a little awkward at first, I was pulling off some satisfying block, counter, roll, counter, combos by the end of the first level.

Oh, that's different, I thought I was going to convince them to help me and they would bestow their blessings upon me thereby giving me godly powers....I guess I'm just going to dish out a little moral smackdown on those deities....oh wait...huh?

I'm really excited, as I am sure you can tell. But this is all I had time for today. Tomorrow is a brand new day - and (since I am already not feeling too hot tonight) maybe I'll get sick tonight and have to skip work tomorrow, lying in bed and playing this....all....day.....

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