Tuesday, January 27, 2015


After playing One More Line on the recommendation of one of my students, I checked out the authors of that game and listed on their webpage is also OTTTD - (Over The Top Tower Defense), another game that has been waiting patiently in my Steam library to be played. I thought the look of the game was great and picked it up a while ago but never got around to playing it (or the demo which I had installed with an icon on my desktop for ages).

I just love the look of this game and this little cut scene is another great example of it's cute design.

The gore in OTTTD is a quite....over-the-top; as promised. This does get in the way of the action and if you feel that it's in the way too much you can turn the gore down - or right off. Loved these first levels, fighting shell fish - crabs and even dolphins with guns strapped to their backs....haha, great!

Unfortunately you can't zoom in or out as much as I would like, and there isn't any way to speed up the gameplay - you can rush some waves but no way to "fast forward" as in some other TD games. This is frustrating because sometimes you have a good setup and just have to sit back and wait .... and wait.... also there elements of different currency that have been carried over from the tablet version, which makes it all feel a little unbalanced and clunky - and wishing I could just purchase the 'coin doubler' to rebalance the game....

Oops, I wasn't concentrating and Flux Damage died.... I don't know if his abilities die with him like in X-Com but I was able to resurrect him with a little cash (just like in real life!). It does add another element to it - taking care of your heroes.

You can upgrade your equipment for each of your 'heroes.' I'll admit, knowing that this game is also on tablets it made me wonder if this is where the IAP come in - the unlocks seemed pretty pricey too.

I unlocked my third hero, and noticed that you can reshuffle his name (maybe it uses the same naming matrix that they use on their webpage : SMG )

Other than that it's a pretty normal tower defense game, really over-the-top splattering gore, place towers at predestined places, upgrade them with the cash you earn by killing enemies that come in waves and use your heroes' abilities to support your towers and hold out. I might revisit this one just to see the other characters or upgrade their skills and equipment a little - but I don't think there's enough originality to dethrone any of my favourite tower defense games. Would be good on a tablet and theres nothing really wrong with it (just sometimes the angle of the level hid the 'life' bar of the towers) - a solid TD game with humour and cartoon gore!

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