Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunburn (iOS) & Framed (iOS)

We are moving at the end of the month just across town but this will be our first move with children and I am quite stressed out by the whole thing. I have been packing all weekend - trying to get most of it done early. 

Lately, I haven't really been able to sit down and calmly play something. My sessions are short or non-existent - I have been watching more movies though - I can do that while packing....

I did find time to play Apotheon for a few hours this weekend but mostly it has been small "breaks" from sorting and packing Sunburn and Framed, on the iphone and ipad respectively.

In Sunburn your crew has been scattered between planets, stuck in black holes, orbiting asteroids and it is up to you to rescue them, tether them do to you, balance your oxygen level and avoid flaming asteroids while doing so and then finally fling yourself and everyone tied to you into the sun to die a flaming death because no one should die alone. I love the cute style of the game juxtaposed with dark humor of the suicides and the little details like the screen shake and sound effects really make this feel like a finished thought through physics puzzler with character. It reminded me somehow of Little Luca which doesn't seem to be on the App store so don't delete it if you've got it! But it's still available for Android.

Framed is an interesting premise - by rearranging the frames in a comic book like scene you can complete the story, do it wrong and you can watch the outcome of the scene. I really enjoy the palette of this game and the animation - the mechanic of rearranging the story is good - some are as simple as 2 frames, others 6 which becomes more of a logic puzzle - but it loses it's luster after a few pages. There is no story, voice over or speech bubbles to read so I am now just playing with the sound turned off. It's still fun to watch but it left me thinking that it could have been so much more. Maybe Framed 2? You can watch a gameplay video here (spoilers!)

Both games are actually pretty good and fit my attention span right now, Framed snuck up on me - I didn't think I would like it as much as I do and the quick pace of the story made me want to play more each time I promised myself "one more page" - Sunburn had me stumped a few times and if it didn't have such a great space premise I think i probably would have given up on it by now, another thing that is strange about that is that it is the 3rd game to go though my hands this past week or so with an orbit / gravity mechanic.

While packing I have also been watching alot of video game review channels, Angry Joe is still my favourite but I found ProJared this week and have been enjoying some of his insights - both of their "Most Disappointing Games of 2014" are worth watching so I'll leave you with that : 

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