Tuesday, October 21, 2014

AltecApollyon : This Week's Gaming

I've actually been able to slow things down lately. Mostly because of  a very busy month so far : baseball playoffs and the NHL season starting, concerts and thanksgiving, a mini-construction side at home, trying to use the last warm days of autumn wisely with my children. I've had to focus on a select few games. My 'Zombieweek' that went much longer than that has ended, in spirit too, and I think I have had just about enough of Dead Island.

First up this week (and probably this list goes for last week as well) : Magic 2015 on the iPad. I've said this before - they've made some good changes over the 2014 version, its a good challenge, has good unlocks and can be played a round at a time and then the iPad can just be turned off. Easy.

Ecipse : New Dawn for the Galaxy, is something I have been trying out lately. I found the tutorial long and detailed (in a good way) but then when I started playing I felt like perhaps I hadn't learned anything at all. I've been playing (and losing) off and on - today I came within 1 point of winning. Crap.

My son is Spider-Man crazy right now (he's two and a half) and he's also a real screen fanatic - so he was watching over my shoulder one evening while I was scrolling though the appstore and he saw this free to play Spider-Man game - I thought I would just get it to play for him as a reward or distraction now and again - I didn't see myself getting addicted. At the moment I am playing this daily...everywhere.

Rogue Legacy has been something that has been sitting in my Steam account for a long time - waiting for me to just finally play it. I feel really bad about how long I left it collecting virtual dust. I booted it up this week and found it to be clunky and difficult - it had me wishing I had just started up Guacamelee again or Mark of the Ninja. I stuck with it, again because my children were watching and they got a kick out of it and now I am beginning to like it - I have unlocked more abilities and upgraded my equipment and skills so I can go spelunkying (oops, wrong game) loot-gathering all the longer. I still think it's clunky and kinda strange at some parts and I hope they are working on Rogue Legacy II.

Another thing that happen this week is that I actually was able to ignore Devolver Digital's humble store sale - I had almost all the games I wanted anyways, except for OlliOlli - but I was strong and told myself I have enough games lying in wait that I don't need to add to the pile with another. On a similar note I bought #SuperHyper for iOS from Sets and Settings - haven't played much but the little I did allowed me to notice how difficult it really is....

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