Saturday, August 9, 2014

So Many Me (Ouya)

There have been a lot of new releases on the Ouya lately and one of them is the platformer "So Many Me." There's no demo for the game on the Ouya  (which is kind of strange) and I'm not about to spend $10 on a game that I have never heard of even if I do want to support the system and the developers.

Stranger more, while installing some Chrome extensions on the same day I saw that there was a Demo as an app in Chrome. So I turned it on for about 20 minutes.

You jump around as this little pea with legs activating buttons and using teleporters. You eventually bump into more but with different personalities. I thought this was interesting because I was at one point writing a short story about a guy with split personalities that actually manifest into alternate versions of himself - erm, this game doesn't really go into that in the demo but at least you can use those little guys to do things like help you across large gaps or leave them behind to press buttons. Oh and they do have different personalities when they say something.

Apparently there are going to be different "forms" that you can take on during the game to through different barriers.  The game is definitely colourful and cute, perhaps a little too cute even for me.

Our little hero pea has to save a princess. Surprising.

There was a boss at the end of the demo that looked like something out of Plants vs. Zombies and as the demo came to an end I could tell that this wasn't a game for me. I have nothing really too negative to say about So Many Me, it had some funny parts in the demo but overall had that feel of 'seen-it-before' - maybe that's just something that's going to happen to me a lot now after 20+ years of gaming.

I think if my daughter was a little older I would get this game for her. It's rooted in some good gameplay mechanics even if they are executed a little too simply. Steam actually suggests that if you like 'So Many Me' then you might like 'Battleblock Theater' but I actually didn't really like that much either (bought it on the Xbox) so I guess that makes sense. There are quite a few people recommending it on Steam, so again, I guess it's just not my genre. I'd rather go back and play Super Meat Boy, Guacamelee, Braid or Mark of the Ninja again....

I hope it does well on the Ouya but I also hope that Extend Interactive doesn't blame the console for lack of sales.

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