Wednesday, August 13, 2014

AltecApollyon : This Week's Gaming

This week quite a few games have gone through my addicted twitching fingers. I traveled up north on a train to have a weekend away with my family (they were already there) and so I had some good alone time in the train to check out some iPad games I hadn't had a chance to.

Blek (Kunabi Brother), Eliss Infinity (Little Eyes) and Tengami (Nyamyam) I played on the iPad in the train. I had blown through about 30 levels of Blek  the first time I played but now I am quite stuck at level 38. Eliss Infinity I booted up just to catch up with my iPhone savegame because I got stuck as well and thought that I might be able to get further using the larger screen of the iPad (makes sense if you see what the game is about). Tengami I have been wanting to play for a while and after playing it for about 20 minutes I decided I was going to keep it to show my daughter since it seemed like something we could do together. Loving the style of that one though. There seem to be a growing number of games influenced by origami - I'll have to start making a list.

I ended up spending two days of my three day weekend almost completely in bed because I was dying of allergies. i guess I wasn't designed to be out in nature. When my eyelids weren't scratching my eyeballs like sandpaper and I wasn't gulping for air I was playing Device 6 (Simogo) and Xibalba (Phoboslab) on my iPhone. I finished both that weekend! One night my wife and I checked out Talisman (Nomad Games) on the iPad. It was difficult to enjoy through watering eyes and sinus migraine and I really want to give it another chance at home with Airplay. I do however have something against digital boardgame conversions that are heavy on the usage of dice.

On the way home in the train there were a few quiet moments where our two children were happily playing or distracted by something else. When this happens my wife and I never speak for fear of interrupting it, we just enjoy the moment and let them be - I checked up Kiwanuka (CMA Megacorp) and David (Fermenter Games) for the first time both which failed to really grip me, which I found surprising. I also started Deep Loot (Monster and Monster) which I wasn't immediately taken with but then over the next few days it got me and I bought the coin doubler and invested some time in that.

We came home on Sunday night and the daily routines resumed immediately. All week while bringing the kids to bed or pass the time waiting, I was playing Deep Loot. I also downloaded it onto the iPad to see if my daughter could play it.

Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe (Adult Swim) came out on OUYA last week and I jumped at it, even though I already own it on the PC. It's a great fit on the OUYA and I've been preaching that since I first played it. It's also something that my wife will play so that's an added bonus. We got ourselves some snacks and once the kids were in bed we had a match (we count until 21 wins) and as expected it plays well on the little console.

I also found the time this week to play another episode of The Wolf Among Us (Telltale). The last time I tried to play it my computer died on me and after sending it to a friend for diagnosis it turned out that my RAM was fried. So this time I played the first 20 minutes of the episode cautiously even though it wasn't really the game that caused the problem. The storytelling in that game rivals TV shows.

The other evenings were used to try to make progress in Gods Will Be Watching (Devolver Digital\Deconstructeam) which has turned out to be a seriously difficult game - apparently I am not the only one that thinks so, Deconstructeam has announced a new update with a new difficultly setting.

Of course I had to pop on to our Minecraft Realm (Mojang) to do my chores and get some resources. I made the mistake of playing while my two year old son was watching - at the moment he always wants to see spiders - and I died in an abandoned mine under my house and lost my enchanted chest plate and a really special enchanted bow. So I felt that I needed to make up for that a little at least by getting back what I had lost.

On the weekend I played Secrets of Raetikon (Broken Rules) and Haunt the House: Terrortown (SFB Games) for the kids. Their attention span isn't long so I didn't have much time with either - but it's fun to show them some games and hear how they interpret what is going on. My daughter even helped me with some of the buttons in Terrortown since there is no real time pressure in the game.

I also tried to checkout Godus  (22cans) and I bought Crawl  ( Powerhoof) based on their awesome trailer (as I already posted about) and picked up Cook, Serve, Delicious (Vertigo Gaming) for a measly $2 at the Humble Store. Work simulators are also a strange genre but somehow I like them.

Alright, so I played too many games this week. I need to cut back and really concentrate on a few. I know that already thanks, but the original idea of this blog was actually to log what I was playing to give me an overview; why I do and what I choose - and also to get me writing again and to be more aware on how I spend my time. Well, now I know.

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