Saturday, January 16, 2016

AltecApollyon : This Week's Gaming (Week 02 - 2016)

Suddenly after seeing the Force Awakens I was interested in playing The Force Unleashed again. I found it and played it a bit and then started thinking of Alien: Isolation again. I started playing Alien: Isolation when it came out on the 360. I rented it for a weekend. Then I decided to buy it on Steam. Unfortunately the game doesn't want to work on my computer. Luckily, I found someone selling it around the corner from my house for 5 bucks. Awesome! So now I'm playing it on the xbox again.

Environmental Station Alpha I had been watching the development through twitter for what seems like a long long time. It's finally out and I am really taken with this retro-metroidvania game.

Pony Island I had to download. I mean, there was no escaping the comments on indie game blogs and twitter accounts - then I checked it out on steam and the reviews of the game are just stellar. I played for a while last night and already am impressed, but I can't say much more because to be honest, I don't know what's going on....

There was a Cavemen was a game I found pretty late and just added to my Steam wishlist a few weeks ago. Now it's been on sale for a while and so I thought I would grab it and try it out (as if I need another platformer) I couldn't even beat the first boss I came up against. I found the controls a little strange and maybe added to my frustration. I'll try it again later - because I like the graphics!


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