Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Last Night (Browser) & Protocol (Browser)

The Last Night ranked 1st of 268 games for the #Cyberjam. I thought it interesting that this one won because the actual "game" element is missing. There's no way to lose or win - it's just a very pretty interactive short story; with an emphasis on short. I seriously think it took me 5 minutes to play. I played it 3 times to soak up all the details and you should to.

Protocol ranked 2nd and is much more of a conventional "game." I loved the design and colours but just could not get used to the controls (only being able to shoot either left, right and forward and backwards.....and the strange acceleration/deceleration keys) and because of that I couldn't get very far in it. Despite that, I could see myself coming back to this to give it another go and with a little fleshing out this could be a really good title. Definitely recommended.

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