Saturday, March 23, 2013

Orc Vengence (iOS)

This game baffles me. A hack-and-slash Diablo-clone on the iphone?! Yes. And it looks and plays pretty we'll, the graphics are great, lighting and mood especially. The only time you notice that it's a mobile game and there are limitations is when you get to the "end" of a level. You enter an area, fight some baddies with taps and swipes and then you exit the level, have a chance to visit a shop - buy new equipment, upgrade skills, then enter new level. The skills you get can be assigned to your gestures, which you have to purchase to unlock - zig-zag, double-tap, swipe, circle.... and it works really we'll. The reason that this game still confuses me is that it seems the perfect game for an IAP for more gold, health or mana and I couldn't find a way to buy it....finally I did - and because of the IAP and because if I am going to play a H&S game then its going to be Torchlight II.....I deleted this. Though I would recommend it to friends.

Here's some more screenshots of Orc Vengence to see the pretty graphics.

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