Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Super Meat Boy

I must say, that I didn't play this game for very long, but hey, this is about first impressions and what not, so here. I don't know if you've played this game or not, but just to clarify it, it is a platform game, with an amusing finish to each level where the collection of all of your plays are shown on one screen, your final screen. This amusing finish filled with your fast paced failed attempts of each of the times you've "grotesquely" died is extremely amusing.

I must have played for approximately 30min or so, I knew though that I liked it after the first five. Due to the large quantity of levels availible to the player, its extremely addicting and to say the least, it could have taken much more of my time from me. I am used to bloody games, but when I first saw the amusing death of my meat boy I was shocked by how bloody the whole thing was. If you don't have a problem with that though, it's a great laugh to have as a filler.

Needless to say, great fun, great filler. Any time to waste? Although not my favourite game, a quick fling if you get a chance is a great thing.

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